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What is Menopause Management?

Hormones play a very important role in vitality:

  • They effect lean body mass

  • They effect mood

  • They effect sexual function in males and females

  • They are also naturally protective for osteoporosis & bone density

  • They also protect against cardiac events 

  • They protect against non-estrogen sensitive cancers.


Signs You May Need Menopause Management

Decreased Libido

  • Little or no interest in sex or your partner may occur in Pre, Peri, and during Menopause

Alterations In Mood

  • Irritability

  • Lack of tolerance for others

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

Hot Flashes

  • May initially begin in the evenings only

  • May begin to occur after alcohol consumption


  • Loss of energy

  • Loss of desire in participating in activities

  • Loss of desire to exercise


  • Abnormal or quickening heart rate

Thinning Hair, Weight gain, Inability To Lose Weight,
Painful Sexual Intercourse Due To Dryness and Atrophy

What Do Menopause Management Services Entail?

Initial evaluation for symptoms 

  • Discussion to identify most distressing symptom

Laboratory Studies

(covered by insurance)

  • Laboratory studies to evaluate current hormone levels and make recommendations for treatment levels

Monitoring Every 3-6 Months

  • Repeat laboratory studies

  • Follow-up appointments and labs for continued monitoring

Happy Couple on the Beach

What Are Benefits of Receiving Treatment?

  • Taking your life back.

  • Enjoying a whole new relationship with your partner

  • Feeling energetic

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